So, is this the never-ending winter? I believe it is. I also believe we chose the wrong week to go to Mexico (we came back to a snow storm!)- we should have went this past week! Whatev, what are ya gonna do?

Since coming back and getting back into routine, I’ve found that my ice cold smoothie bowls in the mornings just aren’t cutting it anymore. Because it’s cold AF outside. And snowy. And rainy. And just gross.

So, I’ve started experimenting with some warmer, cozier, quick breakfasts + snacks and I want to share these with you guys!

Warm Chia Flax Pudding by Be Well By Kelly

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I’ve made this so many times and this recipe keeps me full forever- due to the chia + flax. Plus, you get your dose of good, healthy fats and a bangin’ dose of protein because of the powder! This recipe makes about 2 servings so it’s perfect to make ahead and have leftovers!


Grain-Free Cauliflower Oatmeal by Naturally Lindsey

My love for oatmeal runs deeeeeeep. I LOVE a good oatmeal topped with ALL. THE. THINGS. However, my stomach doesn’t like oats very much- not even the gluten free kind so when I saw a recipe for cauliflower no’oatmeal, ya know your girl had to give it a go. I usually add in a scoop of protein powder and top with extra cinnamon and a few blueberries and it’s DELICIOUS.


Spring Breakfast Chicken Soup by A Squirrel in the Kitchen

I have been OBSESSED with soup lately and have been making my own bone broth like it’s nobody’s business! I love this recipe because you can make a BUNCH of it with your insta-pot or slow cooker and have it all week long. It’s filled with lots greens and sometimes I even add a runny egg on top just for kicks. Try it and thank me later!

Now, tell me! What are your fave comfy, cozy recipes?!



  1. Kelley Baum Reply

    I’ve been eating the breakfast soup all week for lunch- delicious! Added kale!

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