It’s time for another edition of #FanGirlFriday! Today’s total boss babe is the wonderful Deanna Mutzel of Real Food Lab! If you’re not following this beauty on Insta- get on it because she creates the most mouthwatering nutrient dense recipes out there! I “met” Deanna over Instagram a few years ago when we started messaging back and forth about fitness, nutrition, and mom life and she is a total sweetheart! She’s all about women supporting women (which you know is BOMB) and she is a successful entrepreneur! Deanna is a mom of one, a wife to Mike Mutzel (another amazing, knowledgeable human!) and the owner of Real Food Lab products.

There’s Real Food Lab cookies, crackers, and breads and they are all AMAZING, low carb, low sugar, and “microbiome friendly!” Because we all know gut-health is life. Her zucchini bread has to be my all-time FAVE- smother it in coconut butter and you’ve got a cinnamon roll treat! My kids even love RFL cookies and it’s a snack that I actually feel good about them eating.

I wanted to catch up with Deanna to chat about her business, nutrition advice, mom-hood, and everything in between. It’s a fun “rapid fire” interview that gets straight to the point! So sit back and enjoy! 🙂

Let’s talk Real Food Lab- how did it begin?

I’ve always been a “foodie” . Creating healthy recipes has always been a form of relaxation for me– it amped when I had my daughter in 2012. I realized that their was nothing without sugar when we searched for convenient “treats” at our natural grocers! I created healthy cookies for my family, my sister’s family, my friends were requesting… before I knew it, I had a business 😉 I have owned businesses before so I knew what it would take to make it happen.
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How do you balance it all? Being a wife, mom, getting to the gym, running a biz?

It’s not always easy. My biggest priority is being present with my 5 year old. So I plan my days the night before to make sure that I’m efficient with my time to the minute. It’ll always include time at the gym and “self love time ” — time for me, because as selfish as it sounds, is important. I’m a social introvert— meaning I love people but I recharge on my own.

real food lab
Deanna with her daughter + hubby

What’s your advice for mamas out there with picky eaters?

Get to know what your kid enjoys and work with it. For example, my daughter likes to hold things in her hands when she eats (popsickles/ hotdogs for example) rather than eating out of a bowl or on a plate with utensils. So knowing this, I create healthy foods that she can handle that aren’t too messy! Raw breads, veggies and dips, healthy pizza,  etc!

Fave workout?

Resistance training at the gym–I love it all, including circuits, battle ropes, box jumps. I keep it fresh and listen to my body. If I’m tired, I modify the workouts. I also enjoy hiking, running (intervals), yoga (but who has time to do it all in a day!??) So lifting weights is my go to. Challenging weight. 60 minutes in duration usually.

What’s your morning routine?

Wake up at 5:30 during the week: make coffee, feed chickens, water garden, feed dogs, do 30 min fasted cardio, get my daughter ready for school, take her to school, work- work- work , Hit the gym at 1:45- lift until 2:45, pick up my daughter- meet the husband- do a family hike and eat an early dinner. That’s the ideal day M-F. Weekends- I wake up at 6:30 .

How do you de-stress?

Working out, reading, meditation, alone time 🙂

Advice for people just beginning a healthy lifestyle?

Be patient. Become intuitive with your own body regarding eating & exercise. It’s not one size fits all. Move how you want to so that you’re consistent and it’s not temporary. Start slowly when introducing new workouts/ food. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

Where do you see Real Food Lab a few years from now?

Real Food Lab began as a passion and will continue to be a passion. I’m also a chiropractor which I love- have been doing for 17 years. My point- the moment Real Food Lab becomes excessively stressful, I’m through with it 😉 So to prevent this from happening , I prefer to keep sales local with a few exceptions.
real food lab
the amazing RFL cookies

Advice for starting a business?

Surround yourself with positive people. Don’t listen to those who discourage you from “going for it”.  Starting a business involves risk- but I suggest doing things more slowly to keep yourself sane and enjoying the moment because in the end, what matters?? When your kids have grown, what will you wish that you would have done at this moment? I don’t want to have many regrets- especially as a mom. So I choose to be a mom first… that’s the most important job of all for me. I make my business fit around my daughter. My family comes first, then the business.

I hope you all enjoyed this quick little interview with Deanna! If you’re not already, go follow her and get your hands on some Real Food Lab products! 🙂

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