Guys, I cannot tell you how excited I am for today’s FanGirlFriday feature: Jordan Younger of “The Balanced Blonde!” I have been absolutely OBSESSED with Jordan for forever now. Her energy is so captivating and contagious and she is SO sweet! I found Jordan through Instagram and I ¬†was immediately drawn to her. Many of you guys may know her from social media too- she HAS made quite the little empire for herself ūüôā But, for those that aren’t familiar with her, she is the cutie wellness-loving, yoga-posing, girl-boss behind the lifestyle blog The Balanced Blonde.¬†On her blog, you’ll find everything from healthy recipes, wellness hacks, self-care tips, yoga advice, and everything “healthy lifestyle” related! Jordan is so open and real with her “tribe” and that’s why we love her of course- she shares ALL aspects of her life: the good, the bad, and the ugly! Through it all, Jordan remains optimistic, energetic, and HUMBLE– which is hard to come by these days when social media puts people on a pedestal.

the balanced blonde

I hope you all enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed chatting with Jordan! I’ll forever be a fan of hers because she is the real deal! I’ll post where to find her + connect below the interview!


Jordan, first off, I’m a HUGE fangirl. I have been binge-listening to your podcast and you have been a major inspiration to me. You’re down-to-earth realness and kindness is truly one of a kind and honestly, very hard to come by in the world today. So thank you! And thank you for doing this interview with me! Let’s get started by you telling us a little more about yourself. I know that you started out as The Blonde Vegan and boldly changed to The Balanced Blonde- was there a specific moment that you knew you had to make that brave change or did it come about slowly?

Thank you so much! Such kind words. Absolutely love to have you listening to the podcast and reading the blog – always such an honor to hear. I think I will forever feel like my podcast is just me talking to myself and my blog is just me writing to myself until I hear feedback from you rad humans who are consuming it all!

Yes, I made that huge brand shift three years ago and it was a crazy transition. I had a lot of “aha” moments about the change… and I think the final one was when I made my BFF who was¬†visiting me in NYC trek 2 miles in the snow because of a specific green juice that I *needed* to have and I felt like I’d have a meltdown without it. That’s when I knew I was suffering and needed to drop the labels, and after that… change my brand. It was rough but also the best experience EVER because I learned not to get too attached to things like brand names and brand identities. (Among, you know, tons of other learnings that came about in the transition!)

You suffered from orthorexia, body image issues, overtraining- all things that I’m all too familiar with as well, as are tons of other women out there. What is some advice that you can give to those women still struggling? What or who helped you the most?

Great question! Yes, so many of us have been there. As far as advice, I always say to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Yes, it’s in all caps because it’s THAT important. Your body always knows the way. We just have to clear out all the¬†noise and the clutter so that we can actually be in tune with our bodies and listen to what they have to tell us.¬†Some¬†things that have helped me strengthen that relationship are yoga, meditation, journaling,¬†therapy, being super open with people around me (MAJOR authenticity… unapologetically so), rest, tons of self-care, and more. Taking care of myself from the inside out and¬†developing a¬†spiritual practice have both helped the most.

the balanced blonde
You have built such an amazing empire through social media and I know you‚Äôve said before¬†you’re not the typical blogger who schmoozes and networks 24/7- you‚Äôre much more real than¬†that! So, what is one piece of advice you can give to those just starting out on social media- be it¬†a blog or another business.

YES! I really dislike the “networking”¬†mentality and the whole notion that you have to schmooze your way into the industry, milk your¬†contacts, etc. I think, since I’ve never done that and never want to… my success and my “contacts” (I would never call them that, but you know, my FRIENDS!) came so naturally and organically because it’s a genuine lifestyle for me. I hang out with who I want to¬†hang out with. I do business with people I trust and basically who SEE me from the inside out so I never have to over-explain myself or feel¬†like I am in a position I¬†don’t want to be in. I share content that matters to me that I am super excited about, and I make sure¬†everything is in line with my¬†creative¬†vision. All of those¬†things¬†coupled together (plus the self care) are what I attribute my blogging / podcasting / book writing career to!¬†

Tell us a little about your morning routine and rituals- I know this will include some yummy bulletproof drink of some kind!

You KNOW it includes the bulletproof! In the mornings I wake up, digital detox (no¬†phone in the mornings until I feel like it), make bulletproof coffee and ACV water with lemon, meditate with my crystals, do¬†kundalini¬†breath work, cuddle with my Huddy (my baby kitty a.k.a my son), do yoga stretches, set my intentions for the day, light candles, burn incense… I am THAT girl. I do all of that. It really sets my tone for the day. And yes, I¬†wake up very early (or try to) so I can do all of that in peace before I¬†head off to teach yoga most mornings at 8:30am!

balanced blonde
I know you used to do high intensity training pretty much everyday but you’ve recently started teaching yoga and it seems to make you extremely happy and just LIGHT UP! What made you kind of slow down your training routine and just listen to your body?

YES! Thank you for seeing that and noticing… that means a lot to me. I have had a lot of my readers and listeners tell me they’ve noticed a huge shift in my overall happiness and LIGHT-ness over the last year or so, and I¬†can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. I’ve changed my routine and the way I live my life a lot. I’ve slowed down, I do less intense exercise (for the most part), I¬†teach yoga which is my greatest passion and I feel so lucky to share it with people as a teacher, I spend more time¬†doing ME and worrying less about what I feel like I “should” be doing, I am madly in love and spend a lot of time with that amazing human who has helped me to slow down… oh, and my podcast has really set my soul on fire and reinvigorated my inspiration for everything that I do!! It makes me feel so connected to the people listening which is what I am here for in the¬†first place, so I LOVE that.

How do you handle stress and mean people on social media?

I am very much of the¬†mentality that the mean things people say on social¬†media has everything to do with their own¬†insecurities and nothing to do with the person on the receiving end. It’s just true. I have developed a very¬†thick skin being in this industry and I am GLAD or else I’d go crazy with the things people say to me on a daily basis!

SO many women struggle daily with body image and you seem to be at such peace and happiness with yourself. I know that didn’t happen overnight so what were the important steps to help you get to where you are now?

I can’t say¬†enough about the importance of self-care. My morning routine that I mentioned above is huge for me to just be at peace, listen to my body, love myself for all that I am… yes, I am very spiritual and that helps a lot. Kundalini yoga helps a lot. Remembering that we are all just beings of light (I’m a hippie, I know) — and appreciating our bodies for everything they do for us.

the balanced blonde
Favorite meal to eat?

Right now it’s ground turkey with¬†avocado, nutritional yeast, and spinach. I could eat it for every meal, I am obsessed. As far as dessert,¬†dark chocolate (like SO DARK with no sugar because I like it that way) every single day with almond butter!

balanced blonde
Favorite workout?

YOGA! The sweatier the better.

Last one, I know you’re coming out with a new book soon- YAY! So where do you see yourself and The Balanced Blonde brand in five years?

Yes!! I recently released my SOUL ON FIRE yoga ebook, and am working on another memoir. As far as where I see my brand going… I see a lot more happening with the podcast, in person events, yoga retreats, and BOOKS. Basically, a lot more “off the screen” action. Connecting with people on a deeper level. That’s what I love, so it’s time to¬†manifest!!

the balanced blonde

Man, oh man, I just ADORE this girl. She reinvigorates my soul and makes me happy+excited for my future! Connect with Jordan below and check out ALL she has to offer!

Her blog: The Balanced Blonde

Her Podcast: Soul on Fire Podcast

Her Soul on Fire Yoga E-Book

Her first book: Breaking Vegan

Her Instagram: @thebalancedblonde


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