Workouts are hard. Loving your workouts are even harder. And recently, I got into a huuuuge workout rut. My workouts stopped feeling exciting, I felt like they stopped working, some days they were too easy, some days they were too hard- sometimes it just felt like a million things had to go right in order for me to get a great workout.  I felt so frustrated and stuck. Can you relate?

strong is the new skinny, right?

I was so caught up in this mindset of what everyone else was doing by scrolling through social media. Like, “Oh! She does cardio 5 days a week, I have to do that!” Or, “She does Soul Cycle and she’s super in shape so I have to start doing that!” You know those feelings that creep up on you when you scrolling through Instagram. It’s like walking through Pleasentville. Everything and everyone looks perfect and you only see the good things. I got so caught up in that and started to feel inadequate about myself.

I started thinking that I shouldn’t be lifting as heavy or as often as I do because all the other girls are trying to get smaller. I thought I had to spend all this money on class after class to get a good workout. Then, one day, I had to miss my workout because I didn’t have a sitter and I was fine. I was actually thankful because I didn’t even want to go to the class I was signed up for. This was a big punch in the face! Like, hello sister, you need to re-think this routine of yours! And I did. I got back to my roots- which is heavy ass lifting, sprints, and looooong relaxing walks.

So, as always, I want to share this little routine with all of you to encourage you to find what works for YOU. YOUR body. YOUR schedule. Just you, girl.

Before we dive into my workout schedule, I want you to know that this is what works for me and MY body + brain. These workouts get me excited. I don’t dread them and I genuinely enjoy them. These workouts feel like a huge stress reliever for me and I’m not checking the clock every three minutes waiting for them to be done- which is a huge win in my book! Also, this little schedule took me a long time to get to. I know this seems silly because, it’s just a workout schedule right? But as I took a deeper look into what was getting me into that workout rut, I realized I was trying to do TOO many things during my week and I was stressing the F out about them. So, back to basics for this mama.

handy dandy booty bands for when I can’t make it to the gym

Workout Schedule:

  • Monday: leg day (my fave!) with my hub!
  • Tuesday: Strive Village session (basically a total body beatdown, in the best way!)
  • Wednesday: long ass walk. while listening to a podcast or audiobook
  • Thursday: another leg day (thick thighs save lots of lives, guys)
  • Friday: Barry’s Bootcamp class (best music, best energy, legit feel high after) OR a HIIT workout of my own
  • Saturday: total bod strength training circuit
  • Sunday: active rest day that I enjoy to the FULLEST!

I feel incredibly fortunate that my hubs is a personal trainer too (check Next Level Fitness Chicago if ya wanna get STRONG, ladies!) and he kicks my butt most days of the week. It’s also nice to have him there to appreciate the booty gains 😉

As for Barry’s, I’ve tried other HIIT classes before and they were all mostly cardio. BUT, with Barry’s Bootcamp, the strength part is legit heavy weight lifting- they cue form, tempo, and encourage you to go heavy. The treadmill portion is lots of sprints, not never-ending cardio (which I loathe). The music, the people, the instructors- it’s all awesome! It’s my one workout of the week where I zone out, listen to the instructor, and just go all out. I get so sweaty afterwards and I feel so amazing. Like it seriously cleanses my freaking soul. Would I be able to do this workout everyday? HELL. NO. It would be wayyyy too much for my body (+ my adrenals + my cortisol). But once a week is a sweet little spot to hit for me and it’s an amazing way to start my Friday. So I do it.

And Strive? Holy balls this is a legit, hardcore strength training session. I’m lifting heavier than ever before thanks to the trainers here pushing me to my limits. Yeah, sometimes I want to puke after a session but it’s only 45 minutes, goes by super quick, and the community here is absolutely amazing!

So there you have it. I found what works for ME and I’ve been so happy with the little routine. Maybe one day I’ll get back into yoga. Maybe this schedule will change in a month based on how I’m feeling. Maybe you’re super into Soul Cycle and that gets you pumped. Go for it! Ride your little heart out. Maybe you like Zumba? I’ll never understand that but I will fully support you in that decision.

Basically, stay true to YOU. Don’t focus on what everyone else is doing, what’s trendy at the moment, or what works for people on social media. Do what makes YOU happy because at the end of the day, you have to be excited about your workouts and training- not anyone else.

Now tell me! What are YOUR fave workouts??



  1. Preach sister!! I can totally relate. I’ve been in a workout rut for a couple months and finally took action last week. I was a runner most of my life (since I was 14) and about a year ago I stopped running because someone told me that it actually burns away muscle, not fat. So…I stopped running and focused more on strength training and sprits/rowing/assault bikes for cardio. BUT now I feel huuuuge and like my body isn’t mine. Not sure if that makes sense, but it’s like I don’t know my own body anymore. I miss running like crazy. It was always my best stress reliever and that one hour of the day that was all mine; just me and my thoughts. So, I’m taking action and cutting down on strength training to one-two days per week and bringing back running three days a week. And it feels so good! Thanks for the inspo and always telling it like it is! 🙂

    • melmorton Reply

      YES! So happy you’re getting back to what works for YOU girl. I am not a runner at all so props to you! Go with it and enjoy the crap out of it! 🙂

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