My Mission

Welcome to Get Real With Mel! Thanks for stopping by! Get Real was founded in 2016 by me- Melanie Morton, a Certified Nutrition + Wellness Consultant, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and soon-to-be Nutritional Therapist who felt the need for a health and wellness community that focuses on real life, everyday girls and women who are fed up with magazines and social media telling them how they should look, feel, and what’s considered healthy. Society’s idea of beauty has become so jaded! So I wanted to create a safe haven for girls to motivate, inspire, and lift each other up. We chat about all things health, fitness, recipes, beauty, stress, and more to help you all live a happy life with a self-loving mindset!

Ever notice that the average person is actually pretty miserable with their life? They work a 9-5 that they hate, they don’t take vacations, let alone any time for themselves, they have a negative mindset, etc. Their issues start from the inside as well-they are low energy, have sleeping issues, hormonal imbalances, bad skin- the list goes on! This is all considered normal by society- and that’s straight up bizarre to me. Humans are meant to be happy! It is not normal to feel bloated, tired, angry, and fatigued all the time. That’s what I’m here to help with. I want to get to the root of your problems and face them head on so that you can go forward living your best life ever and be a better friend, sister, daughter, and mama to all!

Get Real helps girls and women everywhere- whether you’re feeling the stress of high school or the reality that is motherhood- we got your back! Get Real also specializes in those who have or are currently suffering from eating disorders, body image disorders, depression, anxiety, everyday stress, low self-love, and a negative mindset. I want to show you how real food and real fitness can improve EVERY aspect of your life without feeling like you’re a slave to the gym or a calorie-restricting hangry girl! But that’s not all we talk about! We nerd out over topics such as gut health, food freedom, time management, healthy mindsets, fashion, how to balance school, family, fun, self-love, and everything in between!

My goal is to partner with schools and after-school programs around Chicago and also with fellow health and wellness businesses to teach our girls about the importance of taking care of their bodies through nutrition, fitness, and mindset early on because, let’s face it, that is when they need it most! Our younger generation of women are so vulnerable to everyday society and it’s thinking that we want to nip that in the bud and teach them that they can be self-sufficient badasses that make time for themselves because they want to FEEL amazing and live a FULL life!

When you join the Get Real community, you’re joining a group of women who want to live their happiest life and who want to feel the best from the inside out! Feeling good is not just about looking good and having a six pack- we focus on a whole health approach and believe you cannot be happy and confident without the right mindset!

At Get Real, it is our mission to help every girl up their confidence and put themselves first for once! In order to live a nourishing, fulfilled life, we need to set aside time for ourselves! Balancing family, work, school, relationships, and everything else life throws at us is HARD- but with the amazing support and knowledge you receive with this community, you can learn to finally thrive in every area of your life and be a glowing, healthy girl boss!