Loving Your Workouts + Staying True To You

Workouts are hard. Loving your workouts are even harder. And recently, I got into a huuuuge workout rut. My workouts stopped feeling exciting, I felt like they stopped working, some days they were too easy, some days they were too hard- sometimes it just felt like a million things had to go right in order for me to get a great workout.  I felt so frustrated and stuck. Can you relate? I was so caught up in this mindset of what everyone else was doing by scrolling through social media. Like, “Oh! She does cardio 5 days a week, I have to do that!” Or, “She does Soul Cycle and she’s super in shape so I have to start doing that!” You know those feelings that creep up on you when you scrolling through Instagram. It’s like walking through Pleasentville. Everything and everyone looks perfect and you only see the…