I’ve been into lots of (in my opinion) fun things lately that I’m absolutely loving and I thought I’d share them with you guys! Plus! These things just so happen to save you time + money in the long run, so win win, amiright?

Let’s get to them, shall we?

Homemade Cashew Milk

I recently just found out through a food sensitivity test that I’m highly sensitive to almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, chia seeds, sesame seeds, and a few more things (*insert eye roll*). The worst one for me though? ALMONDS! Um, goodbye almond milk lattes, Simple Mills Crackers, Barely Bread, almond flour goodies! But, ya girl is always trying to look on the bright side and I saw this as a PERFECT opportunity to start making my own cashew milk (thank buddha I can have those!) and I am LOVING it! I tried to look for a coconut or cashew milk at the stores that had nothing added to them but most had sunflower lecithin or other nasties and the one that I did find was just too damn expensive. Making my own saves me soon much money too;)  So, into the kitchen I go! Here’s what I do:

Let 1.5 cups of organic, raw cashews soak in filtered water overnight then drain and rinse them and put them into a blender with 3.5 cups of new, filtered water. I blend on high for a few and then strain the milk with cheesecloth (I save the cashew “cream” it leaves behind for some coffee creamer!) and then I add the strained milk back into the blender with a tablespoon of cinnamon, a teaspoon of vanilla, and a couple dashes of sea salt and blend again for a few seconds. Then I put my milk in a cute glass jar and chug away 😉 Easy peezy!

so fresh and so clean clean


Okay so I LOVEEEEEE books. Cookbooks, nutrition books, thrillers, mysteries- give them all to me please. However, with two boys running around all the time, I really cannot find even twenty minutes to myself and read an actual book. That’s where my Audible app comes in! I’m obsessed with it! I listen to Audible on walks, drives, while I’m cooking, while I’m doing laundry- it’s SO much easier to “read” a book this way. Now, I only read fun, fiction books on audio and I still save my nutrition/wellness and cookbooks for the real deal, page-turing beauties that they are because I love to highlight and mark up whatever I’m reading! So far, I’ve been able to get in three audio books in like a month which is pretty amazing for me. Another win? They’re cheaper than the actual books too! I highly recommend Big Little Lies and Luckiest Girl Alive– SUH GOOD!

the suspense!

Fat on my Face

Yep. You read that right. I am LOVING fat all over my bod+face. You might have heard me talk about Amara Marie Beauty before and I’ll keep talking about them because I love the products and the company equally. AM was started by my amazing friend/ebook partner Syanna Wand and her mama. They have soaps, face balms, lip balms, and a new Vitamin C serum that is TO DIE. At first, I was so hesitant to start using tallow (yes, this is pure FAT) on my face because I was dealing with some bad hormonal acne, but I gave it a go anyways! My results are amazing! I don’t wear makeup anymore and my skin GLOWS. I use the goat’s milk soap bar on my face morning and night, followed by the vitamin C serum, followed by the tallow balm as my moisturizer. I also use the lip balm every night before bed (and I use it on Harlan too!) All of their products are made from REAL ingredients- like goat’s milk, tallow, and soothing essential oils. They’re also INSANELY affordable, because everyone should have access to cleaner skincare. Oh, and a few days ago I had my period AND a migraine (I know, so fun right?) so I rubbed Amara Marie Warming Tallow balm all over my belly and neck and shoulders- INSTANT relief people. Game changer. You can use the code: MEL20 for 20% off of online orders too 😉

amara marie beauty

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